The perfect makeup requires the perfect brushes. If you must have noticed, makeup brushes usually come in sets, starting from 4 brushes to 9 brushes for various purposes. Each makeup brush comes with a different application. Here is all you need to know about the usage of each makeup brush.


Blusher Brush

The bristles on this makeup brush are fine and have a rounded blunt head. The short bristles help with the precise placement of product, and the longer bristles ease the blending of the product. Take some rouge with the blusher brush, shake off any excess powder and apply brisk strokes on your cheekbones. The blusher brush is perfect to bring out the best of your cheeks and give it the perfect blush effect.

Eyeshadow Brush


This makeup brush is a short brush with closely set bristles. The smooth edge of the brush allows precise application of the product without smudging around the eyelid. The eyeshadow brush packs on the product onto the eyelid, and makes it appear highly pigmented. This is highly essential when applying glitter based products on the eyelid. It can also be used to evenly spread out eyeshadow on the eyelids.

Lip Filler

This makeup brush comes with soft, yet firm bristles that help with the precise application of lip color. The smooth bristles of the lip filler brush make sure that the lipstick is applied evenly and accurately on your lips. 

Eyeliner Brush

All those eyeliner tutorials that you see with the piercing winged eyeliner, those happen with the perfect eyeliner brushes.  This makeup brush is designed to pick up and deposit the required amount of product while giving you complete control over your eyeliner. The bristles are firmly tufted together giving your outer eyeliner that perfect definition.

Eye Applicator

This makeup brush has a pointed tip and the soft flexible sponge gives shape, depth and shade to your eyes. It is used for applying eye shadow in small regions like inner corner or lining the lower lash line/upper lash line using eye shadow. It is also used for smudging kohl/liner. The eye applicator brush helps you give your eyes the depth without any product blowing out.

Lip Liner Brush

This makeup brush is very thin and has a pointed tip. The bristles on the lip liner brush are firm and short, just perfect to perfectly line your lips. You can create that lovely pout using the lip brush as the lip liner brush can also be used to apply lipsticks and gloss.

Eye Groomer

  • The flexible brush side: This bristled makeup brush shapes and grooms eyebrow hair into place giving a voluminous and bushy effect. The eye groomer also useful for blending in previously applied brow colour.
  • The solid comb side: This comb separates lashes and removes mascara clumps after application. The eye groomer can also be used on the brows to give them the meticulously polished look.

Mascara Brush

The classic mascara brush is the favorite of every Mascara loving woman. The thick bristles in this makeup brush will give your eyelashes the perfect curve and a voluminous look. 

Foundation Brush

This makeup brush has a tapered tip and the bristles are tightly put together. The foundation brush would give you an even finish on your face as this brush blends the foundation filling all the pores on your face. For an even application, you can dampen the foundation brush with warm water and squeeze out the excess water with a tissue.


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