The Nail care industry has grown and is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day. It was in 2012 that the concept of Nail art saw a surge and in the same year, a movie, NAILgasm was released to document the surge and the trends of nail art. It’s been 5 years since then. Let’s take a look at the nail trends that topped the charts in 2017.

Modern Metallics


The metallic nail art tends to lend a space age effect. Worn over a natural lacquer, a simple line or a rose-gold French is a refined way to pull off a precious metal combination. But if you are in the mood for softer shades or other jewel tones or even a combo of dark shades to match your outfit, then you should go for it. Just mentally visualize how the end result will look like to ensure that the colors do work well before going for it.

Black Accents


High-shine black nail polish has been 2017’s best loved nail accessory. Vertically striped, painted at the tips or curved around the cuticle, this bold look appears equally chic when painted on nudes or paired with pop colors. 

Color Blocking


This was the most famous nail art during Spring this year. With colorful pieces doing the rounds on all the fashion runways, nails followed suit. The quickest and easiest way to execute this trend is through dots, stripes or geometrical prints in solid and bold contrasting hues.

Graphic French


The French Manicure continued to reign in 2017 with an uplift. Diagonally painted hues, bold black and white, thin multicolored lines, go on to show how far this nail art technique has come. You can give the French Manicure an upgrade by diagonally painting the tips in two different shades, or by painting a very thin bold colored line on the tips or you can give it a retro twist by going black and white on the tips.

Ladylike Neutrals


Cream and pearlescent neutrals painted over oval and almond-shaped nails, not only looks soothing and feminine but also gives a lengthening effect. While natural shades look beautiful by themselves, pairing them with white strips makes them look even classier. Baby Pink would have a more mature look when paired with horizontal/vertical white rose and so would a nude shade with white.

Embellished Cuticles



Gilded cuticles, called ‘nail jewellery’, created a frenzy in 2017. If you aren’t into glitter, a simple gray outline or mix-matched hues on the cuticles also help the nails stand out. The important thing to remember with this trend is that since the highlight is your cuticles, it is essential to make sure to have clean nails. Also, the empty space in between, make your nails look longer.


While having trendy nail art is mostly about the right colors and embellishments, it is essential to remember that healthy and clean nails are the key. A regular manicure will help keep your nails fresh and healthy. You can purchase some amazing manicure kits and accessories here