Handbags are a handy carrier for everything that is helps you get by or is an essential. A handbag is a girl’s best friend. It compliments their outfit or their earing or the shoes. It brings out your style and individuality in many ways. The various sizes and shape with color, there are many to choose from. But, every handbag has things inside that women need in day to day life. Cosmetics that take care of your skin and eyes, a wallet to keep the money and cards in, a pen (always, always keep a pen) which always comes in handy and the list goes on. Every handbag should have certain things that every woman should keep at arm’s length when it comes to makeup. Here is a list of everything every handbag should have:

  1. A makeup compact with cleansing sponge and beauty blender

This helps you give you an all-day touch up on the go. No matter where you are, you always combat the weather and you need some touch up to look fresh throughout. It gives great compliment to your skin. To apply this you need a cleansing sponge and beauty blender. Get them at KAIV

Cleansing Sponge

Beauty Blender

    • 2. Lip Balm No matter what the environment be, a lip balm keeps your lips hydrated and prevents drying out and breakage. They also give them the much-needed repair and nourishment. Given the occasion, you can also carry your lipstick to give your lips a touch up after a while.
    • 3. Wet wipes Always keep wet wipes in your handbag to make you feel fresh and they also have a very therapeutic smell which makes you feel great. Also, carry some dry wipes along with these wet wipes, it only helps.
    • 4. A small perfume or deodorant This helps you smell great all-day long. Keep a pocket sized perfume or deodorant so that it does not make your bag heavy or take unnecessary space. Smelling great is a bliss.
    • 5. Moisturizer Again, use a pocket sized one which you can use anytime. It prevents your skin from drying out in any condition. It also prevents your skin from damage and gives it much needed maintenance
    • 6. Mascara Not everything needs to be there just for protection. Mascara is amazing to make your eyes pop and you would want them to stay the same no matter where you are. Keep this handy. Let those eye lashes shine.
    • 7. Hairbrush and a comb

With busy days going up and about work, with a monotonous commute, your hair ought to get messy and tangled. A hairbrush and a comb are your best friend in such situations. Always carry a hairbrush and comb. A small hairbrush and comb is better so that you have more space in your handbag

  • 8. Eye Liner Compliment your eyes with a bit of eyeliner to go with the mascara. Even if you do not use a mascara, eye liners are great to give you a different look and with the mascara they give that wow factor to your eyes.
  • 9. Sunscreen This protects you from the harmful radiations of the sun. According to where you stay, check for the SPF which you should be buying. Sunscreen is an absolute essential. If there is something universal- no one wants sunburns, really.