There are lots of myths running around about hair care. Some of them are just baffling and others are ridiculous but there are a lot of people that give into them. Let us look at some of these myths. 

  1. 1. Washing your hair daily is bad for your hair


This is a huge myth out there. Washing your hair does not damage your hair or isn’t simply bad for you. There are different types of hair and they need different levels of care. Listen to your hair, if they need the care, give them that. Washing it daily also cleans the scalp and keeps your hair healthy. But do some testing, check how much care you need. You might need it daily. If you combat pollution and dust daily then it might also be a must. 

    2. Products for styling make your hair very dry

This clearly is a myth. Styling products do not damage your hair. it just means you are using the wrong sort of product for your hair which is making it dry. Strong alcohol based ones tend to do so but it also means that your hair is sensitive to it. It is just the wrong product that you are using and you need to choose a product that won’t be sensitive to your scalp.

    3. Conditioners are not good for oily hair

Again, this is not what is true in general but people with oily hair who ended up with the wrong conditioner. You need to know how dry your hair is or how oily. Choose the correct conditioner and your hair won’t be oily. Every kind of hair needs a conditioner, you just need to know which one.

   4. Coloring your hair damages, it

This might have been true a decade or two ago but now it doesn’t stand anymore. With the kind of research and development that has gone into making colors for hair, they now come with conditioners that would give them extra nourishment and hence some extra care.

   5.You need to blow dry your hair form the back

This is totally untrue and you should do it from the front first because this is what people see first. It really doesn’t matter, but it makes more sense if you blow dry your hair from the front first. 

   6. Never use a hair brush on wet hair

Quite on the contrary brushes are better to be used on wet hair as they are easier to maneuver through the tangles. 

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 7. Frequent trimming makes your hair grow faster

No, it doesn’t, everyone has the same hair growth (unless you have some problem) which is 0.5 inch of hair growth every month

8 Switching shampoos make your hair better

This one is one of the most ridiculous myths out there. Switching your shampoo will not make your hair better. If you find the perfect one, stick to it if it works for you. All of us know how difficult it is for us to find that perfect one which our hair responds to. 

Just listen to your hair, your scalp. Do what feels right and experiment. But these right here are just myths that have no base to support it. Take good care of your hair.