With time, makeup has undergone a lot of changes in terms of products, ingredients and styles. While not all elements of makeup have seen a dramatic change, eyeliner in particular, underwent a subtle, but noticeable journey throughout the last century. Let’s take a look at same –

Eyeliner in the 20’s

It was in the 1920’s when the eyeliner started to be used liberally and with great Gusto. Pioneered by film star, Louise Brooks, the smudged eye line reigned supreme and the subtle make up took a backseat. As a result of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, women were applying liner to get the trendy look.

Eyeliner in the 30’s

The smudged eyeliner trend of the 20’s made a departure with the coming of the 30’s. The liner was kept very close to the lashlines. Barely there liquid eyeliner was used to fill in the space between the lashes. However, the eyeliner was never made thick or smoky. This trend was made more famous by actor Marlene Dietrich.

Eyeliner in the 40’s


The eyeliner played a crucial part in the 40’s makeup, however the lines were kept more somber during the wartime. There was no defined shape or smudge, but the lines were kept thin like the 30’s to define the upper lashes. Tina Turner was seen making this a trend in the 40’s.

Eyeliner in the 50’s


The post-war era celebrated feminity with the form making a return in the 50’s. This era was most known for the light lips and dark eyes trend that was pioneered by Brigitte Bardot. Liner was now used all around the eye and the waterline, contrary to the conserved application seen in the last decade.

Eyeliner in the 60’s


The 60’s saw eyeliner that went beyond a simple swipe of black and it is then, that the fashionable cut crease was introduced. This was the most iconic time for the liner in the 20th century and was made more common and famous by Edie Sedgwick

Eyeliner in the 70’s


Eyeliner softened to a great amount in the 70’s as compared to the dramatic lines in the 60’s. Shades of brown took over the harsh blacks and going ‘au naturel’ came to be in vogue. This trend was made famous by Farah Fawcett.

Eyeliner in the 80’s


The 80’s was all about exaggerated makeup, with that being the norm. Liquid liner was key during this era. Frosted lips and pale blue eyes were paired with heavily lined eyes in both black and neon brights. Madonna was a pioneer in this trend and her make up dictated thousands of her followers. 

Eyeliner in the 90’s


Despite the 90’s being all about the glamazons, the eyeliner was still subtly on most of the fashion and beauty icons. Liner was used in a subtle way to highlight the eyes instead of making a statement. This trend can be seen throughout the 90’s from the grunge girls to Cindy Crawford in the later years.

Eyeliner in the 00’s


The 00s saw the signature eyeliner that is a trend yet to recede. Women started opting for the liquid liner and then came the cat-eye that was made famous by Angelina Jolie. Be it a hard flick or a soft line, this trend left its mark.


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